Today is the 45th anniversary of the internet. That calls for some cake, I think.

Figure 1: [JPG]

Now for some history. The first message ever sent over the internet was “lo”. Programmers at UCLA were attempting to log on to the Stanford Research Institute’s host, but the connection crashed before the “g” in “log” arrived. The second attempt was successful, however.

This network was called ARPANET. It eventually grew to have about 12 nodes (all colleges). In 1982 TCP/IP was standardized, and the concept of a world wide network was introduced. In the late 1980’s the first commercial ISP’s began to emerge. After ARPANET and NSFNET were decommisioned, the internet became completely commercial.

In the early 1990’s America Online was formed, and the rest of the story is familiar to just about everyone. Google went from being the nerd’s search engine to the first thing people think of when they hear internet. Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter brought social networking to the internet, and VoIP is slowly replacing landlines and even traditional cell phone services.

The internet has come a long way from “lo”.

Happy Birthday, Internet.

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