Recently Top Page Design was asked by a small sewing company to convert their paper pattern to PDF. Here are the steps we took to do that.

  1. Cut up large pattern pieces to fit the paper size you want to use.

  2. Scan your pattern pieces.

    Scanned pattern

  3. Import the scanned images into Inkscape.

    Import image

  4. Trace the images with the bezier tool.

    Trace image

  5. Export each page as PNG. For patterns that take up more than one page, make sure you provide a bit of overlap to ease reassembly by the consumer.

  6. Open Scribus and create a file with the amount of pages you will need.

    Scribus Screenshot

  7. Add image frames to each page. They should be as large as the page.

  8. Right-click each image frame, and select the PNG’s you exported in inkscape.

  9. Export as PDF.

  10. Print the PDF and test.


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Mark is a web developer and programmer. He likes reading classic novels, listening to classical music, skiing, and eating donuts.

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